SlamWeb POS

SlamWeb POS

1.  Go to Slamweb POS and click new to create a new cart.

2.  Once the new cart has loaded type in into the email field

3.  Add one item at a time to the order by entering the product code into the Product details box and clicking on Add or enter.

4.  Once all items are added double check prices to make sure they are correct. If not adjust accordingly by changing the price within the Price box displayed.

5.  Once all items are added and prices are correct then add in the customer’s shipping information starting with their name and work your way down.

6.  Once all the information is entered click on the bright green button that says ‘Update Cart’.

7.  Next we will adjust the Order details column circled in the screenshot below. First is the shipping method, free standard shipping is the typical option if the order is over $50. Other shipping methods are available if they need the item in a faster fashion. The second box is for promo codes, enter them here, then the third box is a simple check box for a 10% discount for first time customers or walk in customers. The last box is for insurance if the customer would like it, customers have to opt out if they do not. Make sure to ask the customer if they would like insurance (extra charge depending on the amount of the items they are ordering) on their package and adjust accordingly.

8.  Now take the time hit the bright green button again to update the cart and see the changes made in the order details column. The new price will adjust in the totals column accordingly. Tax will only be displayed for customers who have a TN address.

The order below will show free standard shipping, an auto generated promo code for 10% because the first time customer box was checked (reflected in the total column as well), and no insurance added to the order.

9.  Did you update the cart? If not or if you aren’t sure if you did, update the cart before glancing at the next step. Better to be safe than sorry at this point. If you do not update the cart before moving on the information entered will not be saved.

10.  Now triple check all information, need to correct anything? If you do then correct any information and update the cart again. If not, then click on the Red button that says ‘Convert Cart to Order’

11.  The next screen that pops up will look like this.

If the customer is a walk in customer you can use the card reader up front to run their card and do not have to go any further on the SlamWeb page.

12.  This is where you can enter the customer’s billing address and card information for telephone orders. Make sure to ask if the customer’s shipping address is the same as their billing address. If the customer’s billing address is the same as the shipping you do not have to change any address information, if it is different go ahead and change the address field to display the billing address. For the example the billing address is different.

13.  Last but not least enter in the card information provided by the customer. If the customer has given an email address make sure to check the circled box below to send them a confirmation email.

14.  After all information is entered and correct hit the red button that says ‘charge’ to charge their card and finish out the order. Once you have gotten a screen that says accepted the order has been successfully placed and all is well.

IF you receive any kind of error screen at any point during this process send a screenshot of it to Daniel.